Building this Website (1. content selection)

Friday, May 1, 2015

This is a series of posts which technically describes how Not Even Odd is built.

The TiddlyWiki website has some basic explanations how to generate static HTML pages. What we want to use is the --rendertiddlers command (reference available here). The following shell command will render tiddlers selected by a FILTER, format them according to a TEMPLATE, and place them in the output directory:

tiddlywiki --rendertiddlers "$FILTER" "$TEMPLATE" . text/plain

In this article, we look at how to define the filter (and in the next one, we'll give tips how to define a template).

When exporting static content, you do not want to export all the "system" tiddlers stuff. In addition, there can be other content you may want to exclude. To manage which tiddlers appear as pages in the final site, you may want to develop some simple conventions. What I do is:

  • I tag every tiddler for which I do not want to generate an own page with the tag private. (Note that the content of those tiddlers can still contribute to the final site, for example via transclusion).
  • I tag tiddlers which are post in progress and are not yet ready to be published at this time with a tag draft.

My filter is thus defined as:


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Building this Website (1. content selection)
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