Building this Website (2. template)

Friday, May 1, 2015

This is a series of posts which technically describes how Not Even Odd is built. It is primarily meant as a guide for static website creation using TiddlyWiki.


In the previous article, we discussed a FILTER and saw that

tiddlywiki --rendertiddlers "$FILTER" "$TEMPLATE" . text/plain

will render tiddlers selected by that FILTER, format them according to a TEMPLATE tiddler, and place them in the output directory. In this article, we give tips how to define that TEMPLATE tiddler.

Creating a Template

Defining the template for the site might get tricky if you start from scratch. The best way to go is with the shadow tiddler $:/core/templates/static.tiddler.html(local) (v5.1.8) (current TW) and then tweaking it. You can overwite it or better just copy a new version of it into a new tiddler, say static_template.html, and tweak that to fit your site.

As you see from my site, I decided to keep things basic very much in line with the default (because TiddlyWiki has a clean default look and I'm not very good at HTML+CSS design).


this article must be completed... this will be done in next few days


"&nbsp;<div class="tc-sidebar-scrollable"> and&nbsp; <div class="tc-sidebar-header"> that controls the 


tiddlywiki --rendertiddlers "$FILTER" --rendertiddler static_template.html . text/plain --rendertiddler static_stylesheet.css static.css text/plain

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