Building this Website (7. plugins)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This is a series of posts which technically describes how Not Even Odd is built.

Here are the plugins I use in TiddlyWiki:

Syndication Feed (ToDo)

I'd like to provide a webfeed feed to this site. Hints to do this with TiddlyWiki would be:

An alternative option would be to generate the feed by myself (script, etc.). This is yet something I aim to do.


Displaying snippets of computer code with syntax highlighting is done with the highlight plugin (based on highlight.js) which is included in the server edition of TiddlyWiki. Here's an example of syntax highlighting:

int is_prime(int n) {
    if (n%2 == 0) return n==2;
    if (n%3 == 0) return n==3;
    int d=5;
    while(d*d <= n){
        if (n%d == 0) return 0;
        if (n%d == 0) return 0;
    return 1;


I want to display mathematics on this site. MathML is a part of HTML5 but isn't supported by all browsers (only available in Firefox and Safari as of May 2015). Therefore I use the official TiddlyWiki plugin for KateX (KaTeX is a free javascript library for mathematics typesetting with LaTeX syntax). It allows to beautifully display formulas such as:

ζ(s)=n=1ns=1Γ(s)0xs1ex1dx\displaystyle \zeta(s) = \sum_{n=1}^\infty n^{-s} = \frac{1}{\Gamma(s)} \int_{0}^{\infty} \frac{x ^ {s-1}}{e ^ x - 1} dx

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