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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This is a series of posts which technically describes how Not Even Odd is built.

This post serves as an introduction and the following ones will describe the details.


I initially built the Not Even Odd website in April 2015.

I knew that serving static HTML pages would be sufficient to render my simple site, but I wanted a flexible way to write the content. I decided to use TiddlyWiki (running on node.js) as an authoring tool as it can be used to generate static pages.

Some simple shell scripts directing TiddlyWiki and git revision control system is used to control my collection of "tiddlers". Another git repository containing the static output is stored here in GitHub and served on the web for free via Github pages.


In order to build such a site, the following setup is required:

A) setup TiddlyWiki

This process is well explained here. In short, on a Debian-based system, you'd do something like:

$ sudo apt install npm                # install npm and nodejs
$ sudo npm install -g tiddlywiki      # install tiddlywiki
$ tiddlywiki mywebsite --init server  # initialize the "mywebsite" wiki

# start your wiki as http://localhost:8080
tiddlywiki mywebsite --listen

B) get a GitHub account

  1. install git:
    $ sudo apt install git
  2. get a github account
  3. optionally purchase a domain name

next: TiddlyWiki / content selection

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