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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Hi, I'm Florian.

I created the Not Even Odd website (sometimes abbreviated as "NEO") to share a few things I find beautiful. The main topics which I plan to cover on this site are:

  • Free Software
    powerful and ethical computing with no digital handcuffs.
  • Personal productivity and minimalism, the practice to cut through the mundane and do tasks with minimal friction, so you can focus on what matters.
  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Juggling.
    Juggling may be one of the most-pointless thing in the world, yet one of the coolest. On this site, I shall especially emphasize the theoretical aspect of juggling.
  • Gerontology and life sciences applied to life extension and Longevity.
    live long and prosper!
  • and more...

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Not Even Odd

Musings and mumblings of a random nerd

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Free Software
Building this Website (7. plugins)
Building this Website (6. external files)
Building this Website (5. tiddlers' date)
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